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EN 17037 : Daylight in Buildings

DIAL+ allows you to perform calculations according to the new European Standard EN-17037 dealing with "Daylight in Buildings". Daylight Provision, Sunshine Exposure and Horizontal Sight Angle are available in version 2.6.


Daylight Provision

DIAL+ calculates the median and  minimum values on the work plane and displays the aggregate ranking according to the three  levels defined within the norm ("High", "Medium" or  "Minimum")

Sunshine Exposure

DIAL + calculates the sunshine duration of each opening and displays the general ranking of the room 

Horizontal  View angle

For each mesh of the room, the horizontal view angle is calculated. The color patches  allows to visualize the area of the room according to their view ranking 

 E Sunlight Exposure.png
E 17037 sDA.png
Bouton EN 17037.png
E 17037 VIEW.png
 E Daylight Provision.png


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