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Monthly sunshine coefficients and fraction of the viewed sky according to the overhangs

Sunshine coefficients (overhangs and fins)

DIAL+ also calculates, month by month, the sunshine coefficients for each opening, taking into account the front overhangs (eaves, balconies, vertical fins). This calculation is consistent with the PERENE method

(Cm value according to "Thermal Design Rules and energy tertiary and residential buildings adapted to the climatic zones of Reunion Island", updated 2009).

Sun paths with superimposition of the outdoor obstructions due to the surrounding buildings.

Shadowing from the distant environment

The interface allows you to quickly describe the masks made by the distant environment (buildings, distant reliefs, etc.)

These elements are considered for both daylighting (FLJ and Autonomy) and thermal calculations (solar gains, cooling and heating loads).

Shadowing / Sunshine coefficients


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