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Solar gains

For each time step, solar gains are calculated with and without movable shading devices, depending on the management scenarios

(manual or automated)


The program calculates indoor temperature profiles according to the outdoor climate

  • Air temperature,

  • Sensible temperature,

  • Surfaces temperatures.

The Cooling module is a complete Dynamic Thermal Simulation tool dedicated to room-scale analysis.

Thermal comfort

Dynamic thermal simulation ISO 13791


Heating and Cooling power

At each time step, the power for heating and cooling is calculated, which allows to adjust the sizing of facilities to the real needs of the room.
The program also calculates the annual needs for heating and cooling

Internal gains

Default settings of internal gains are linked to Swiss standard values (SIA-2024) according to the room function.

A few clicks allow modify these values to adapt them  to the requirements and specifications of your project.

Air flow rates

Depending on the ventilation scenarios chosen by the user, the software calculates the airflows associated with mechanical and natural ventilation (windows openings)

Extracted heat flow through ventilation

At each time step, the program calculates heat flow extracted by mechanical and natural ventilation. This function is used to evaluate the effectiveness of the proposed solutions

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