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Diffuse Daylight Autonomy on the work plane ( 500 lux indoor required illuminance)

Climate-based calculation (Diffuse Daylight Autonomy)

Daylighting autonomy calculation is performed on the basis of the cumulative distribution of the horizontal outside diffuse illumination (Meteonorm data corresponding to the  building location, annual basis, hourly step).

Orientation factors are used to take into account the sky asymmetry. The occupation (schedule) can be modified according to the room function.

This calculation allows to know the potential for covering the lighting needs with diffuse daylight coming from the sky vault (sun not taken into account in this calculation).

Proof for Minergie-ECO (The software is also available in German language)

Minergie-ECO Calculation

DIAL+ performs a specific calculation for Minergie-ECO and delivers a comprehensive justification taking into account the entire premises of the same project (weighted according to the respective surfaces of each of the rooms type).


Daylighting Autonomy


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